Experience Pure Bliss

At Swarna Spa, we invite you to embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation through our carefully curated spa menu. Our mission is to provide you with a sanctuary of wellness, where you can escape the stresses of daily life and reconnect with your inner peace.


Our signature traditional massage relaxes and invigorates through medium to strong thumb and palm pressure.

60 MNT IDR 300K

90 MNT IDR 380K

120 MNT IDR 460K



A traditional massage complented with a blind of essential oils

60 MNT IDR 330K

90 MNT IDR 420K

120 MNT IDR 510K


Water heated stoned relaxes muscles allows for deeper relaxation and improved blood blow

90 MNT IDR 450K

120 MNT IDR 540K

Body Massage & Reflexology

90 MNT IDR 380K

Foot Reflexology

30 MNT IDR 200K

60 MNT IDR 250K

90 MNT IDR 330K

Back & Head

30 MNT IDR 180K

Release the Knot

Foot, Back, Head and Shoulder Massage

90 MNT IDR 400K


Massage with butter is great for rehydrating and reconditioning skin after exfoliation. This will prevent the exfoliated skin from drying out and becoming rough or flaky. Enjoy your session with choice of aromatherapy that you prefer with

60 MNT IDR 400K

90 MNT IDR 490K

120 MNT IDR 580K

Face Massage

pamper your face & relax the tension in your face

30 MNT IDR 180K


Collagen Eye Treatment

Collagen eye mask reduce blackness of your eyes, while relaxing with a head and shoulder massage

30 MNT IDR 180K

Organic Natural Facial

Yoghurt cleanser, lemon toner, oatmeal honey, mix scrub, cucumber mask, honey face massage

60 MNT IDR 460K

Swarna Signature

Milk cleanser, lemon toner, oatmeal honeyhoney face massage

60 MNT IDR 460K

Body Care

Ratus V 2o MNT IDR 180K

Ear candle 3o MNT IDR 180K

Body Scrub 3o MNT IDR 280K

Milk Bath 3o MNT IDR 280K

Steam Teatment 2o MNT IDR 180K


Hair Wash & Blow Dry

S IDR 210K

M IDR 240K

L IDR 270K



S IDR 240K

M IDR 270K

L IDR 300K


Hair Spa

S IDR 310K

M IDR 340K

L IDR 370K


Blow Variation/ Straightening

IDR 280K

Loreal Hair Spa

S IDR 350K

M IDR 380K

L IDR 410K


Nail Care

Express est. 2o MNT

Cutting + Shaping + Nail Polish

Mani IDR 210K Pedi IDR 240K

Classic est. 6o MNT

Cutting + Shaping + Cuticle Cleaning + Scrub + Moisturize & soft Massage + Nail Polish

Mani IDR 320K Pedi IDR 350K

Spa est. 9o MNT

Cutting + Shaping + Callus Scrub + Mask (Milk & Oatmeal) + Moisturize & soft Massage + Nail Polish

Mani IDR 410K Pedi IDR 450K


Gel manicure 290K

Gel pedicure 320K

Gel Extension 600K

Nail Art start fr 25K/finger (based on design)

Soft gel tip extension for hand & feet full set 450K

Soft gel tip extension for hand & feet per finger 50K/finger

Remove gel 100K

remove gel extension/tip extension 150K

French manicure clear base 340K

French manicure color base 375K

French pedicure clear base 375K

French pedicure color base 410K

Add on nail ext per finger 100K

Natural lashes 350K

Double set Natural lashes 550K

Classic lashes 450K

Volume lashes 650K

Russian lashes 700K

Reffil 50% from full set

Remove lashes from other salon 100K



Keratin lash lift 400K

Brow boomer include brow shaper 300K

Add on wispy style 150K

Add on lash color 100K

Add on lash tint 150K

Add on brow tint 200K


Half Leg est. 2o MNT

Famale IDR 200K

Male IDR 230K

Full Leg est. 6o MNT

Famale IDR 250K

Male IDR 380K

Half Arms est. 3o MNT

Famale IDR 180K

Male IDR 220K

Full Arms est. 6o MNT

Famale IDR 230K

Male IDR 260K

Under Arms est. 2o MNT

Famale IDR 150K

Male IDR 180K

Lower Belly est. 2o MNT

Famale IDR 150K

Male IDR 180K

Brazilian est. 6o MNT

Famale IDR 460K